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A girl should know for whom is she able to wear jeans today, says Phalguni Chatterjee

Kolkata: Ace actor Phalguni Chatterjee says that he would be happy when every home will have women like Satyabati and Subarnalata who fought against all odds and tried to make a dignified place for women in the society.

For the uninitiated, Satyabati and Subarnalata are two strong women characters created by award winning writer Ashapurna Devi. Previously, a TV series had been made on Subarnalata and recently Colors Bangla launched the period drama Prothom Protisruti wherein Satyabati is the central character. Prothom Protisruti revolves around Satyabati and her various stages of liberty and identity. It features Phalguni Chatterjee in the important role of Nityakali.

Appreciating strong women characters, Chatterjee said to business cash, “Speaking about Satyabati, as a man, I can say one thing that I would be really happy when every house will have women like Satyabati and Subarnalata.”

When we asked if he feels that the condition of women has really developed, he opined, “Of course, things have developed but we should not forget those who initiated or unlocked the path for others. When shows like these are made, people get to know about the odds such people went through or the sacrifice they made. It is because of their contribution that we have reached so far.”

“Today the girl who is wearing jeans or smoking is not even able to know how much contribution and sacrifice of different people went behind making this possible. So, it is very important to know,” he further added.

When asked being a senior actor which characters he finds difficult to portray: of literature or original stories, he shared, “I like to work in shows that are based on literature as they have a specific pace. Such stories do not change every new day. The shades of a character do not change as it has already been sketched. Thus, as an actor, while portraying a role I know where I will have to stop. I feel comfortable doing literature based shows.”

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