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Angad Hasija re-marries on Zee TV’s JuzzBaatt

MUMBAI: Zee TV’s weekend chat show ‘JuzzBaatt… Sangeen Se Namkeen Tak’ has been giving you an up close and personal look into the lives of many popular celebrities This weekend, the episode will feature best friends and hottest small-screen stars Sara Khan and Angad Hasija up close and personal, sharing their darkest secrets, their journey and friends in the industry, fun moments and about finding a common ground wrapped up in controversies.

Angad’s gorgeous wife, Pari and their daughter also joined the bandwagon and left him completely surprised. The couple shared moments from their personal life and expressed gratitude towards each other. Moreover, our affable host Rajeev Khandelwal made a special arrangement for them and got them to recreate their marriage ceremony on the show. Angad and his wife shared some beautiful romantic moments and this left all of us emotional and in awe of them!

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