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Avinash Sachdev wants to venture into filmmaking

Actor Avinash Sachdev, who is currently seen in the revenge drama “Ayushaman Bhava”, says he wants to try his hand at filmmaking.

“I started my journey as an assistant director for the show Hatim and from that, my interest towards filmmaking developed. I even went abroad and attended workshops to understand what they teach. I want to do cinematography, editing as well as acting if given a chance,” Avinash said in a statement.

The Star Bharat show’s actor added: “I believe that any actor who knows direction can become a better actor and vice versa.”

“Ayushaman Bhava” depicts the story of Krish, a boy next door who like children his age enjoys playing with toys and pulling naughty pranks. His family and friends dote on him. But Krish’s innocent life takes a massive turn at the age of eight, when he starts getting flashbacks of some unfortunate events of his previous life.

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