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Being fit: Samiksha Jaiswal on ‘crash-diet’

Samiksha Jaiswal, the female lead of Zee TV’s Mehek (Parin Multimedia) is on a crash-diet regime!!
Wow!! Yes, the girl we hear is determined to get into great shape in quick time.
Says Samiksha, “Yes, it is true that I am on a serious diet regime. I felt I had to do it for myself and for my body.”
Samiksha is presently staying away from junk and oily food. All that you will find her having these days are veggies and salads.
Samiksha states, “Amidst the hectic schedule we are undergoing, it is really tough to keep a tab on the food you eat. But I have to do it. And the people around me on sets motivate me to go for it.”
What’s more? We hear that Samiksha and her family have been invited for co-star Karan Vohra’s sister’s wedding to take place on 1 December. And Samiksha has promised herself that if she attends the wedding, she will not eat anything.
Ask her about it and Samiksha says, “We are going really tight on schedule. Yes, I and my family have been invited for the wedding. But I really don’t know at the moment whether I will be able to make it. But yes, if I go, I will only attend and stay away from reaching the food table.”
Aww!! This is called ‘determination’!!
Good going, Samiksha.

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