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Beyhadh drama: Saanjh to get engaged to Samay

In the event that you are feeling low this end of the week, here is some zesty news to energize you!!!

Sony Entertainment Television’s mainstream exciting dramatization Beyhadh (Cinevistaas) will soon observe a super intriguing turn.

All these while, watchers saw Maya (Jennifer Winget) tormenting her relative Vandana (Swati Shah). Presently, there will be some glad circumstances ahead as Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) will get connected with to Samay (Piyush Sahdev).


Yes, you read it right!

As perusers would know, Saanjh’s folks need her to get drawn in to Samay so she proceeds onward from Arjun. Then again Samay needs to remain with Saanjh keeping in mind the end goal to remain nearby to Maya, who he has had a past with.

Shared a source, “When Maya will find out about Saanjh-Samay’s engagement, at first she would be stunned. Yet, she will happy of the improvement, trusting that it would keep him far from her life.”

The major dhamaka will occur with Arjun (Kushal Tandon) will become more acquainted with about Saanjh’s engagement.

Shaken and stunned, he will keep a glad face and choose to make the day uncommon for his companion.

Like genuine amigos, Arjun and Maya will go to Saanjh-Samay’s engagement.

Picture abhi baaki hai mera dost….

From what sources share, there would be high power dramatization pressed in at the engagement service.

Eager to watch? Indeed, even we are!!

We had a go at achieving the performers however they stayed inaccessible to remark.

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