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Bihaan to get back his memory in Colors’ Thapki Pyar Ki

Hues’ famous show Thapki Pyar Ki (SOL and Shoonya Square) will have a tremendous turnaround this end of the week when Bihaan (Manish Goplani) will get back his memory!!

Yes, you faithful watchers of the show can anticipate this significant advancement…

It will so happen that Sankar (Dolly Chawla) will plan to murder Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) through a street mishap. Be that as it may, Bihaan will come in as a friend in need and help Thapki. At this crossroads, Bihaan will begin getting flashes of his past, and will understand that Thapki is his affection.

In any case, Bihaan will play it out and will imagine that he has not yet got back his memory!!

According to sources, “Bihaan and Thapki will join to make an arrangement to uncover Sankar in her own amusement.”

Will Sankar get uncovered?

We hummed the specialists, however did not break through to them.

Look for these turns in the show.

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