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‘Bomb scare’ to shock Sooraj and Chakor in Colors’ Udann

It’s immense dramatization and faithful watchers of Colors’ prevalent show, Udann (Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada) will get the chance to see some edge-of-the-seat dramatization in the demonstrate this week!!

What’s more, this time, Sooraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) and Chakor (Meera Deosthale) will get shaken by a bomb impact risk on not one, but rather two of their nearest individuals!!

OMG!! What’s in store now?

All things considered, Kamal Narayan’s (Sai Ballal) next target will be both Kasturi (Sai Deodhar) and Tejaswini (Prachee Pathak). He will tie both the women with bombs, at two better places, both in inverse bearings at a separation of about 30 kms from Azaadgunj. Kamal will challenge Sooraj and Chakor who might be entwined by cuff to spare the women inside the time allotment of 60 minutes!!


We hear that this will be an unpleasant circumstance for Sooraj and Chakor, and they will commonly conclude that they would have the capacity to spare just a single individual, as they would need to go by walking to the place. With an overwhelming heart, them two will choose to spare Kasturi and leave Tejaswini helpless before God.

According to solid sources, “Sooraj and Chakor will be seen dashing against time to spare Kasturi.”

Will Sooraj and Chakor spare Kasturi? Will this imply Tejaswini will inhale her toward the end in the bomb impact?

We hummed performing artists, yet they stayed inaccessible for input.

Watch this high-voltage scene in Udann.

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