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‘Chidya Ghar’ actress Shafaq Naaz makes her first solo trip to Goa

We all know that the life of a celebrity is tough and they never as such get their own personal time. Howeve, notwithstanding the time contraints, we have one celebrity who totally believes in the phrase, ‘the best company you can ever have is yourself’. It’s none other than Chidya Ghar fame Shafaq Naaz.
Television actress Shafaq Naaz who gained popularity with roles in ‘Chidya Ghar’ , ‘Mahabharat’ & ‘Sapna Babul ka Bidaai’ has recently shed her extra kilos and has been flaunting her gorgeous figure with amazing outfits on the beaches of Goa. This gorgeous actress recently made a solo trip for the first time to none other than India’s favorite hub Goa.
Just because it was Shafaq’s first time in goa she made sure she would make the most of it. Right from water sports to party hubs to new people to beautiful beaches to crazy sunset to beautiful stars shining bright in the sky, Shafaq experienced every moment and made sure she had a bundle of memories to take back.
Talking about her solo trip experience shafaq mentioned,” this was the best trip I have ever had. I am a reserved person and I like being in a closed circle but this is the first time I went on a solo trip and it turned out to be super fun. I got to know myself even more and who says you can’t have fun alone in Goa? I did. Walking around the beaches all alone is amazing, I think, I fell in love with the amazing nature , it was just an amazing experience. Given a chance, I would love to do this again”.

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