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Dadaji creates trouble for the Chauhans in SAB TV’s Trideviyaan

The Chauhan family in SAB TV’s Trideviyaan is stunned with the section of a youngster (Aryan Prajapati) who cases to be Dinanath’s dad. Adding amazingly, he likewise guarantees that he knows every little thing about them and makes some stunning disclosures about the family which just they know about.

He begins telling appreciation from all the relatives. He even requests around the house to take after specific manners. He teaches every one of the ladies in the house to cover their head as a characteristic of regard. Afterward, he asks the men in the house to grow a mustache and says that on the off chance that they don’t have a mustache they are not sufficiently masculine.

Presently, on his request every one of the men in the house will wear amusing mustaches. The Chauhans would get truly steamed and stressed over who this child truly is?

While the mustache show will go on, Dinanath (Rituraj Singh) will choose to get some answers concerning the child’s genuine character.

What is the truth behind the child’s character and what could his thought process in going into the Chauhans house?

On-screen character Rituraj affirmed the above improvement!

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