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‘Death’ drama in Akash Aath’s Amar Thhikana Tai Briddhasram

Here we bring an update for the viewers of Akash Aath’s Chhoy Masher Mega: Amar Thhikana Tai Briddhasram!

A lot is going to happen in the coming days which will take a toll on Jashoda (Lily Chakraborty)’s mental health.

According to our source, in the coming episode of the series, someone will breathe her last at the old age home and this will have a serious impact on Jashoda. Upon witnessing death so closely, she will not be able to accept the harsh reality of life. She will lock herself up in her room and sit quietly, and for the entire day will write something. And then the time will come to perform the last rites of the dead lady but when the old age will contact her family, they will get no response.

On the other hand, Sammyo (Emon Aditya) will constantly pester his parents to take him to his grandmother. His parents somehow will manage him by lying that they will take him to visit her on Sunday. But how will they manage him on Sunday when he will be ready to visit his grandmother? Will they actually keep their words or reveal the truth? Time will tell.

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