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Drama around teaching method on Aakash Aath’s Jagat Janani Maa Sarada

Here we bring an update of the forthcoming episode of Aakash Aath’s Jagat Janani Maa Sarada!
We hear that in the coming episode, Naren will be seen stressing on the fact that a student shall be equally educated in sports and physical education and thus, he will prefer to teach outdoors instead of confined classrooms. However, this won’t be taken kindly by everyone.

On the other hand, Bhubhaneshwari will fail to hide the fact from Naren that she is still selling or mortagaging her jewellery to continue with the court case.
Will something magical happen that will put an end to Naren’s struggle?
Well, since Thakur (Suman Kundu) knows the future, like a true prophet, he will declare, “Naren will teach one day.”
Will Naren’s struggle end soon? Or a harder truth is waiting ahead?

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