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I broke glasses and hurt my co-actor on the set of Kundali Bhagya: Sanjay Gagnani

Actor Sanjay Gagnani, who is part of Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya (Balaji Telefilms) feels fortunate to be a part of the show.

He avers, “I feel blessed and special to be the chosen one to play the negative lead in one of the TRP topper shows in the Indian television space. Not only is the show a superhit but the production house is also an esteemed one.”

Talking about his character, he says, “My character, Prithvi, is one of the most complex and dark characters I’ve portrayed so far. He’s unpredictable, fashionable, smart, intelligent and has his own individuality. The beauty of playing Prithvi is that there are no limitations or boundaries that have to be kept in mind. Prithvi is a free bird and so, as an actor, I’m free to shape him in the way I want to.”

“I’ve broken glasses and bottles on the set while enacting a scene. I’ve hurt a co-actor while holding her neck and I’ve hurt a crew member too… That’s because I tend to get into the skin of the character,” he adds.

The actor sports a special look for the role as well.

“This is the first time I have flaunted a beard on-screen and a ear stud too. I have some creative freedom in terms of experimenting with my look such as selecting my own jackets and T-shirts to make my character look modish. I believe a villain should look as stylish as a hero,” he affirms.

Meanwhile Sanjay is looking forward to doing some great work this year.

Sanjay says, “The best is yet to come! I believe that 2018 is going to be the highlight year of my career journey as I have a couple of films lined up for release. 2017 has been magical and I feel that I have started getting my due now.”

Sanjay also believes that the industry has grown a lot over the years. “There have been a lot of positive changes. Things have been improving on the creative as well as the production front,” he states.

Although there are so many actors in the TV industry, Sanjay is not someone who gets bogged down by competition. “I’ve always considered myself as my biggest competition. I compete with no one but myself. Whenever I’m out of work, I work harder and polish myself to get a role instead of thinking about others,” he asserts.

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