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I plan to move into fiction and short films: Siddhant Karnick on his YouTube channel

Mumbai: They are beautiful, talented and a bunch of extremely charming people. Though YouTube channels created by common users have much better success rate; there are a few actors, comedians and tech artists who have a massive cult following. Actors these days are not only exploring the digital platform on the acting front but also experimenting with the medium.

Last seen in Zee TV show Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, actor Siddhant Karnick is quite active on his YouTube channel these days where he vlogs and also gives an insight into his travel diaries among other subjects. He has around 40 videos already up on his channel.

Talking to Siddhant about the same, he shared, “I am also planning to move into fiction and short films. I plan to take up the edit work and give a 360 degree approach to it. I see a lot of content pushing towards the digital medium where the creator can directly connect with the audience for a feedback. It is fast and bounty.”

Kudos Siddhant!

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