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I’m NOT doing any show with Ekta Kapoor, clears Ohanna Shivanand

Earlier in the day TellyChakkar, broke the news of Kushal Tandon making his big debut with Ekta Kapoor’s show tentatively titled, Kapoors on ALT Balaji. Ohanna Shivanand, formerly named Shilpa Anand, was reported to be making her comeback by a media portal.
Now, TellyChakkar has got another interesting piece about the show. In an exclusive chat with TellyChakkar, Ohanna refutes the news about her big comeback.
Ohanna who is best known for her character Riddhima in Dill Mill Gaye negates the story straightaway. She says, “I don’t have any idea about the show you are talking about. I haven’t even got a call from anyone for the said show. You are the first person to tell me this.”

The pretty lady who has a good sense of humor comments, “I’m not doing the show. Maybe there’s some other Shilpa Anand with same face, maybe my twin sister who could be doing it. Or maybe there could an alien with my face who’d be roaming around.”
She further adds, “On a serious note there would be some other Shilpa they (the news portal that reported about the story) must have confused me with. That is one of the reasons I changed my name, because there are too many actors with the same name. In the first place, if I would have signed the contract I would have signed it with the name Ohanna and not with Shilpa. Where do you guys get all these information and how can anyone write it without even getting confirmed?”
We probed her even more, she shared, “I’m a very straight person; if I was doing the show I would have never refuted the news. I’m a big fan of Ekta Kapoor. I have immense respect for her, she is a big name. But I haven’t got any call from them. Moreover, I’m not so kicked about choosing a web series as my comeback vehicle.”
Well, that’s a sad news for all Ohanna fans as it seems there is some more time for her to make a comeback!

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