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It’s girl power on Roadies Xtreme this weekend!

Roadies Xtreme is all about girl power until now. TV’s longest running adventure based reality show has bought out some of the most inspiring stories and the upcoming episode of the show is no exception to this. Winning over the hearts of our gang leaders, this weekend will be Farha Fatima Khan from Hyderabad and Priya from Meerut. Breaking the clutches of social barriers, both the girls will put forward their zeal and zest to make something in life making them instant favorite of everyone on the set.

Farha Fatima, married at the age of 20 started living her life in a true sense after marriage. Born in a conservative family Fatima never got the opportunity to take charge of her own life. However, to her luck she got married to a supportive husband who encouraged her to fulfil her dream of participating in Roadies.

Similarly, Priya from Meerut had baggage of bringing disrespect to her family because was the reason for a big fight in her village. On being questioned by Rannvijay why do you want to join Roadies, Priya replied, “Roadies is the only show which brings out such kind of personalities which according to our so-called society are not right.” She added, “I belong to a city where killing someone is not a big deal for anyone. Because of an incident where I was not at fault, I was treated like an untouchable not only by society but also by my family. A girl can tolerate such kind of behavior from society but when your own family does this, no girl can stand this.”

Impressed and inspired by Priya and Faha’s story, all the gang leaders welcomed both these girls to join the show with open hands. On selecting Priya, Neha Dhupia, a strong gang leader said, “I have chosen you for your biggest disadvantage and that is you are from a smaller city. You have that fire in you.” Prince added, “If she joins us for journey, her focus will be very clear, as she knows what it takes to achieve this. She knows the importance of this show in her life.”

Not only Prince and Neha, even Raftaar couldn’t stop himself from appreciating Priya’s confidence. He went on to give her a direct entry into the show and dedicated few lines of his rap to all the women.

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