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Karan Johar talks about S** and says he LOVES Riteish!

Ace filmmaker Karan Johar opens about his personal life reveals about when he lost his virginity!

Bollywood’s ace filmmaker Karan Johar’s statements have always made headlines and just like that even this time also he made sure that does the same! In a recent interview with a popular web portal, the filmmaker spoke about his personal life.

KJo was asked to comment on ‘SEXTING’, he replied, “I am kinda flirty like that. I flirt and I am so much better with words than I am with actions. The kind of words I can come up with and the kind of things I can say on text. I am s*exting a lot of people currently and I love flirting on text.” (sic)

The interview became more interesting because of the type of questions that were asked. He was quizzed about when he lost his virginity, he answered,” I was 26 in New York when I lost my virginity right after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had released. There was a little bit of confidence that had stepped up within and we went for an awards function. I remember being at this hotel and not knowing what being picked up means till the person got quite specific and I felt really great about myself. I was very grateful to that person.” (sic)

So what after sex? This was the next question thrown towards the director, he said, “I really want to shop when I have s*x. After s*x, you really want to buy yourself new clothes.” (sic)

Then came a movies related question but again the word sex was involved in this too! Karan was asked to tell his opinion about sex comedies; he said that he loves to watch Riteish. He was quoted saying, “I love Riteish (Deshmukh) and I think he is an outstanding artist but every time he comes up with these s*x comedies, I don’t watch them because I can’t.” (sic)

Well, looks like Karan Johar was in good mood to answer all that at once!

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