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Karan Patel’s transformation from ‘fat to fit’ will impress you

Ye Hai Mohabbatein’s Karan Patel otherwise known as Raman Bhalla has turned into a no-nonsense rec center monstrosity now and doesn’t skirt his workouts.

The on-screen character has worked truly hard and shed kilos to don a solid physical make-up.

Karan as of late posted a photo of himself of what he looked like before and now and you will be most likely inspired.

He subtitled the photo saying “Scarcely working … to … buckling down ..! On account of @rocky_bodytransformer my coach and @alygoni my sibling …!!

Karan, who might abstain from being shirtless prior, has begun disregarding wearing a tee when he ventures out in the open, on account of his industry associate and co-on-screen character Aly Goni. In the event that it wans’t for his on screen brotherl, Karan would have not possessed the capacity to get propelled for a constitution like what he has now.

We are amazed by this change of his, as well as anticipating him being a motivation to many out there.

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