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Krishna on a revenge mode in Star Plus’ Krishna Chali London

MUMBAI: Star Plus’ latest offering Krishna Chali London has started on an interesting note without wasting much time. The viewers must be aware that Krishna (Megha Chakraborty) runs away from her wedding with Radhe (Gaurav Sareen) when she realizes that her dreams to pursue medicine in London won’t see the light of the day.

However, in the upcoming episodes, Rahde is to eventually grab hold of the bride. Consequently, Krishna and Radhe will get married which will eventually create hatred in her mind. Her anger will boil down to a level where she will vow to destroy the whole family.

On becoming a part of Radhe’s family post the wedding, Krishna realizes that the whole family is illiterate and down market. Annoyed by the family, she will intentionally start creating issues amidst the family. For instance, she will start insulting Radhe and his family members and irritate her mother-in-law.

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Her idea would be to annoy the family members to such a level that the family would kick her out of the house.

The show set in Lucknow and is directed by popular director Ravit Tyagi and is produced by Saurabh Tewari.

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