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Kumkum Bhagya actress and beau Injured!

Your favorite Tanu a.k.a Leena Jumani will be seen missing from the show for a few days.

Fans of Kumkum Bhagya would have noticed that something has been amiss with Tanu. Well, something certainly is as the actress has not been shooting for the past few days. The actress recently met with an accident while on a holiday with her beau, Rahul Sachdeva in Goa.

The actress and her fiance fell off a two-wheeler and have suffered severe injuries. Her fiance, Rahul, has fractured his shoulder and suffered two cracks, Leena has bruises on her face and her hands and legs have swollen up.

When we called up Leena, she confirmed the news. She said,”We fell down from our Activa. I was driving; the road was slippery and it was dark. To top it all, there was cow-dung on the road that added to the fall.”

The actress will hopefully return to shoot in two-three days. “I should hopefully get back to shoot soon. But my leg must co-operate too. Since it is swollen, I am not able to stand for too long. Thankfully, I have only suffered from flesh wounds. But the doctor did tell me that it was a close shave for me.”

The production house is currently making use of a dupe in place of Leena.

We wish Leena and her fiance Rahul a speedy recovery.

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