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Maleeka R Ghai turns a witch for Colors’ Chandrakanta

It’s always a pleasure for an actor to experiment with their roles and with their looks!
Talented actress Maleeka R Ghai, who is currently seen on Balaji Telefilms’ popular drama Chandrakanta aired on Colors as Bhadra Maa is elated on exploring a new side of her character.
Viewers of the series will see Bhadra Maa aka Maleeka Ghai disguising herself as a witch.

Sounds interesting! Isn’t it?
Our source informs us, “So far, Bhadra Maa has been acting like Iravati’s (Urvashi Dholakia) friend but she is just pretending to be one. She too has her eyes on the Khanjar and dreams of becoming the queen of Vijaygadh. In the upcoming episodes, she will disguise herself as a witch and visit Iravati’s palace with a motive to kill someone to further her evil plan.”
Bhadra Maa plans will get viscious as ever with the passage of time and her plans will take on a deadly colour
When we contacted Maleeka, she commented, “I got to play such an interesting character for the first time in my career. It takes me four hours to get ready. A lot of hard work and effort goes into playing such a character. Interestingly, everyone on set clicked a selfie with me when I donned this look. I used lenses for the first time and it was quite fun. The credit goes to my make up team; they did a great job. I am thankful to Ekta for giving me an opportunity to play Bhadra Maa. I am really happy with the response that I get.”
Keep up the good job, Maleeka.

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