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Manasha yearns to stay at her parents’ place in Colors Bangla’s Manasha

Kolkata: A lot of drama is in store for the viewers of Colors Bangla’s mythological show Manasha, which is produced by Subroto Roy production.

Loyal audience of the show would know that Manasha (Chandni Saha) is trying to earn the rank of a Goddess. Now read on to know what will happen next in the track –

A source associated with the show informs us, “In the upcoming episode, with the blessings of Shiva (Indrajit Majumder), Manasha will try her level best to protect the Nag Dynasty.”

“Also, in order to attain the rank of Goddess, she will desperately try to stay at her parents’ place because at that time Shiva is about to start a war with Tripurashur,” added the source.

Will Manasha’s parents let her stay? And will Manasha be successful in her mission? What more hurdles will she face?

We tried to connect with the actors for a comment but could not reach.

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