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Munni to take a gunshot for Bittu in Jaat Ki Jugni

Individuals cross seas for love…what’s in a gunshot!!??

Keeping consistent with this, Munni (Madirakshi Mundle) will make a solid stride so as to spare Bittu in Sony Entertainment Television’s Jaat Ki Jugni (Rashmi Sharma Productions).

As perusers would know, Munni is at long last understanding her affection towards Bittu however is as yet befuddled of her emotions.

While Munni has been having bad dreams of Bhaiyaji (Yash Tonnk) executing Bittu, in a sudden contort, it will all work out.

We have effectively announced about the couple Vikram-Jyoti (Paraas Madaan and Barkha Singh) eloping alongside Munni and Bittu, and losing their way in the wilderness. What’s more, when they will land in the open end, they will meet Bhaiyaji and his men.

Shared a source, “Bhaiyaji will request that Munni and Jyoti returned home with him, while he will request that his siblings take Bittu and Vikram home. That will be an indication for them to execute the two young men.”

Munni, while on her way will at the end of the day get a dream of Bittu getting shot and will surge back towards him. She will witness her siblings beating him beat up. What’s more, as one of the siblings will choose to end the story and shoot Bittu, Munni will remain before him taking the shot.


What’s more, as she will tumble down with blood everywhere on her, the siblings would be gotten a handle on with the torment of blame. Bittu, on his part will surge his adored Munni to the doctor’s facility.

Will Munni survive? Will this occurrence change Bhaiyaji and her siblings’ attitude?

We couldn’t achieve the on-screen characters for a remark.

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