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My only disappointment was Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee: Kanwar Dhillon

MUMBAI: Popular TV actor Kanwar Dhillon will soon return to TV screens. Playing a Marathi goon for the first time in his career, Kanwar will be seen in &TV’s episodic show Laal Ishq. Talking about the show, Kanwar revealed that he picked this story because of his character Sangram. The story talks about Sangram falling in love with Devyani, who is a doctor. She repeatedly rejects him due to her tragic past. How that past comes into play is the crux of the story. A beautiful love story is knitted amidst all of this. ‘The role and look is very different from my past work,’ he says.

The good-looking actor reveals that he has worked in a limited number of episodics because he is not really into them. Kanwar worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kia, Yeh Hai Aashiqui, and Halla Bol only because he liked the variations all his characters had: ‘Yes, it’s nice to do an episodic of your taste once in a while if the story and money both are good. This one again is a nicely written love story with the thriller/supernatural element in it. I found the concept and the story very interesting. Hence, I wanted to go ahead with it. I was offered Laal Ishq several times in the past. But this time, everything worked out. So I am happy to do it since I’ve been hearing good things about it.’

He also adds that he enjoying playing the character and looking at himself on the monitors while shooting.

After his daily soap, which aired on the afternoon slot, Kanwar has hardly been seen on TV. There were rumours of him entering some popular shows, but things didn’t fall into place. Nonetheless, he doesn’t feel that being out of sight would make viewers forget about him completely. ‘Out of sight out of mind is a phrase that’s used a lot in our field. However, I am happy about the fact that I have established myself as an actor and performer in this industry. It’s good to hear that from casting directors and industry insiders about me. I like to be in a good actor category, and a good actor is never out of mind even if he is out of sight for a while. Also, when you want to do lead roles only, a little gap is bound to come. Taking up back-to-back leads just after your show getting over is a rare-case scenario. So yes, I don’t put myself under the pressure of being out of sight out of mind. I am confident enough of myself and my calibre,’ he says.

Kanwar also says that he has no regrets regarding his repertoire. ‘I love all the shows I have been offered till now, and hence, I have gone ahead and done them.’

However, about the shows being offered to him currently, he quips, ‘Every other role is somewhere the same. It has all become so typical when it comes to the lead roles. Every other show almost has the same characters or stories going on. It suddenly seems as if all the characters in all the shows are the same.’ Kanwar wants to portray different roles as the lead. ‘When I sit down 10 years down the line and think of the work I have done over the years, I want to be happy that I tried different things irrespective of their result. I want to do things I believe in and not something where my heart isn’t.’

Regarding his journey, the actor says, ‘The only disappointment I have had work wise was Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee only for one reason—that it was put in the afternoon slot. It was always supposed to be a prime time show and was a “lambi race ka ghoda” for sure. It had all the masala, content, and was such a fantastic show. However, destiny has its own way and you cannot do anything about it. All my shows are special to me. As of now, I have some good offers in hand. Let’s see which one materialises.’

Despite his short journey, the actor is rather satisfied with the work he has done. ‘I have showcased my calibre to the best of my abilities in whatever I have been offered,’ he says. However, he also feels that there are other sides to him that he wants people to tap into.

‘I have an adventurous side that I want to explore by doing a Khatron Ke Khiladi. I enjoy dancing and would love to do a Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa when the right time and offers comes along. You never know what your calibre is unless you try different things and get out of your comfort zone. I am always open to trying new things out and will continue to do so,’ he adds. Kanwar believes in the right time and not in overthinking things.

Lastly, we asked the actor about his experiences in the industry, he aptly points out, ‘Well, the functioning of the industry is unpredictable and weird at times.’

Validating his point, he adds, ‘Like so many times I’ve been locked or signed for a show and later gotten to know that there are other actors too signed for the same role by the concerned team or someone else is doing the role now. Despite signing on the dotting lines, I have been replaced and not even been informed about the same. People lose out on work like that because they sign a show hoping they’re on board and then such things happen and other trains are missed in the process. It’s sad that these things are happening quite often with people nowadays, be it freshers or veterans. Many of my colleagues have faced this issue off late. And if an actor does something of the same, he/she is considered unprofessional or gets banned. It’s sad but true how actors have become so vulnerable off late to these kinds of things. Hope this unprofessional nature practiced by some people in our field changes for good. I wish there is more transparency in the functioning of the whole process sometimes and work ethics are paid heed to for the overall betterment.’

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