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Parag Tyagi sad with ‘Brahmarakshas’ going off air

Performing artist Parag Tyagi is disturbed that the mainstream TV indicate “Brahmarakshas” will arrive at an end on Saturday.

“I have blended emotions at this moment. I am pitiful that the show is going off air. We as a whole knew since its beginning that it is a limited arrangement, however some place we as a whole got so immersed during the time spent making the demonstrate that we overlooked we were going towards its end,” Parag said in an announcement.

“An uncommon because of Ekta Kapoor as I got this chance to play such an exceptional and testing part in ‘Brahmarakshas’. While there has been much gratefulness from each quarter, kids rush me and cover me wherever I go.

“This show has been near my heart as I have taken a stab at something new and learnt so much while assuming the part of an otherworldly character,” he included.

Aside from Parag, “Brahmarakshas”, disclosed on Zee TV, additionally included Rakshanda Khan, Kishwer Merchantt and Krystle D’souza among others.

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