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Parth to blame Teni for Shorvari’s death in Dil Se Dil Tak

Colors’ Dil Se Dil Tak (Shashi Sumeet Productions) will witness a high voltage drama in its upcoming track.
We are already aware of the complexities in Parth (Siddharth Shukla), Shorvari (Rashami Desai) and Teni’s (Jasmin Bhasin) life. While Parth and the entire family think that Shorvari is dead, the latter faked one to get a way out of Parth’s life as she suffers from brain tumour. On the other hand, a pregnant Teni has won the family’s heart and is trying to win over Parth’s love.
Now amid all of this, Parth will find a video which he will assume to be a proof of Teni having a hand in Shorvari’s demise. Fuming with rage, he will call for a family meeting and will shoot an array of accusations on Teni. However, the family will rise in Teni’s support and will try to convince Parth that Teni can never do something like this.
A source informs, “Parth will refuse to believe that Teni does not have a hand behind Shorvari’s death. He will go a little harsh with his words for Teni as he truly loved Shorvari and misses her. On the other hand, while Teni is abiding by the promise she gave to Shorvari, she will be shattered to know that Parth thinks of her so low.”
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