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Phool predicts Tushi’s trouble in Aakash Aath’s Jhill Dangar Konnya

KOLKATA: A lot of twists and turns are in store for the viewers of the recently launched show Jhill Dangar Konnya, which is aired on Aakash Aath.

The villagers, according to the recent episodes, are now aware that Phool (Sukanya Paul) has the ability of predicting an unfortunate condition or event beforehand.

In the upcoming episode, by utilizing this power of Phool, Tushi’s parents will try to become rich. But when they will fail to make Phool predict anything, they will try to scare her by giving threats. And right at that moment, she will end up uttering something which will make them uncomfortable. Phool will ask Tushi’s parents to leave her and search for Tushi instead who is in trouble.

What happened to Tushi? What new is going to happen at Jhill Danga? To know more watch the soap or stay hooked to this space.

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