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Rashmi Sharma gives ‘TV break’ to Days of Tafree actor Ashmyrrah Singhh

roducer Rashmi Sharma is known to acquire new ability to TV!! Presently, the acclaimed Producer who reserved in parcel of new abilities in her film, Days of Tafree will get one capable face who was a piece of the motion picture to TV!!

We are discussing performing artist Ashmyrrah Singhh, who played an imperative character in the above-said motion picture.

The young lady will be seen in Rashmi Sharma Productions’ modernized adaptation of Romeo and Juliet for Sony Entertainment Television.

As announced by us, Siya Ke Ram notoriety Madirakshi Mundle will play the female lead, while the hurl up for the male lead will occur between Vishal Vashishtha and Shaktii Arora.

According to a tenable source, “Ashmyrrah will play a clever, positive part, unequaled making jokes.”

We hummed Ashmyrrah, however couldn’t contact her.

The model turned performing artist has done numerous plugs for Pears cleanser, Yippee Noodles, Yakult, Endura Kids and so on.

Here’s wishing her everything the absolute best!!

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