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Revelation drama to happen in Radha

It’s time for the truth to reveal itself!
Well, Zee Bangla’s daily Radha will soon reveal something very important in its ongoing track which will give a new ray of hope to Krish (Ravi Shaw) and Radha(Amila Sadhukhan).
Loyal viewers of the drama would know that Radha has been suffering a lot and the good news is that in the coming days, she will get to know the reason behind it.
Our source shared, “Both Krish and Radha will finally get to know, the latter is not suffering from brain cancer. They will be elated when they come to know about this but at the same time they will be worried when they realise, someone from the family has been mixing medicines in Radha’s food to make her ill.”
OMG! Who is the culprit?
It’s none other than Abha who has been doing this heinous crime.
So, will Radha get to know that it’s not Shobha but Abha who has been doing this?
We tried to connect with the actor for a comment but could not reach her.
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