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Sameer and Bhairavi team up to find Simar’s truth in Sasural Simar Ka

Rashmi Sharma Telefilms’ popular daily Sasural Simar Ka is unfolding new twists and turns in its ongoing episodes.
Viewers would know that Simar (Keerti Kelkar) has returned in Matarani’s avatar to take revenge from Bhairavi (Vandana Vithlani), who killed the former and has been plotting against everyone in the family.
Now we hear that, the upcoming episodes of the daily will unfold some more twists for the viewers.
Our source informs us, “Bhairavi will feel that Simar is fake and she will tell her son Sameer (Rohan Mehra) about it. She will ask Sameer to find out the reality of Simar. Sameer and Sanjana (Krisann Barretto) had plans to go for their honeymoon but Bhairavi didn’t want them to go and that’s why she had hidden their passports. However, Simar will get the passports back. The incidence will shock Bhairavi and eventually, instead of going for honeymoon, Sameer will help Bhairavi to find the truth of Simar.”
We tried but could not reach to the actors for a comment.
Will Sameer be able to learn about the reality of Simar?

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