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Saumya Tandon has a special message to give on World Vitiligo Day

MUMBAI: : Actress Saumya Tandon has a special message on World Vitiligo Day, which is observed on today. She says two colours on one person is beautiful and is not contagious.

Saumya has a distant cousin who suffers from vitiligo, which can be best described as discolouration of the skin. The actress has made a video which aims at creating awareness about it.

“We are slowly coming around the fact that a person is beautiful despite their skin colour. Be it dark, fair or yellow, all skin colours represent beauty. But we haven’t yet learnt to see the beauty of skins having two colours,” she said.

“Whenever you come across someone with dual coloured skin, we associate it with a disease. We feel it’s contagious and so, avoid physical contact. You wouldn’t wanna marry that person. Come on! Isn’t that shameful? This World Vitiligo Day, let’s learn and spread this message that even two colours on one person are beautiful.

“It’s so diverse, and it’s this diversity that makes this world a beautiful place. Let’s celebrate the beauty of two colours on one person,” she added.

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