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Sheen shares her shooting experience with ‘almost’ nude Akshay

Television on-screen character Akshay Mhatre as of late stunned watchers by going bare in his show Piyaa Albela (Zee TV and Rajshri Productions).

As per reports, it was a bit of humiliating for Akshay to shoot for that grouping yet the imaginative group guaranteed that it was done effortlessly.

Alongside Akshay, the whole cast were astonished since it is beside difficult to watch these sorts of scenes in a Rajshri flag. connected with the female lead on-screen character Sheen Dass, who assumes the part of Pooja, to know her whole experience shooting for the specific scene.

She shared, “It was exceptionally overcome of Akshay to shoot that scene. The whole cast and unit ensured that he is agreeable. It was minimal unbalanced for me to see him practically bare however since it was the prerequisite of the script, he ensured it was done morally. It was troublesome for Akshay too to shoot that scene however like an exhaustive expert he did it splendidly.”

At the point when asked on what was watcher’s reaction, she answered, “Well, some valued while some reprimanded yet we realize that how troublesome it was for us to shoot that scene.”

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