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Shikayat Peti, Navratri drama & mad rush in Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal

Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal is one show that has been the talk of the town for a brief time, thanks to its controversial plot. Produced by Optimystix Entertainment, it has generated good ratings on the revamped channel.
The viewers till now have seen Kanhaiyan’s (Maninder Singh) bid to make his wives peaceful. The writers introduced shikayat peti (complaint box) in the storyline. In one of its kind thing, the whole family will try to sort outissues through the complaint box.
A little birdie reveals, “Everyone, from the five wives to Kunti, will put their problems in the box and all of them will be complaining about each other. The complaints will be really quirky and weird. Some will have a problem with one wife’s books lying while some will talk about their problems with Kanhaiya’s mother, Kunti and the like.”
Also, in the coming episodes, the family will plan for a Sunday trip but it will end up in a chaos. All the plans would be flushed, since Kanhaiya won’t be able to make time for all his wives and mother.
Furthermore, the viewers will also witness a grand celebration of Navratri. Since the daily is set in Meerut where the celebration of the nine-day festival is grand, the comedy series will see the same kind of celebration. “There will be mad rush in the whole Navratri episode. Kunti will be stuck in a situation and the whole family will come together to rescue her. It is all in all a hilarious episode,” an insider discloses. It will be the first time when all the five wives will come together to solve a problem.
In the Navratri episode, there will be lots of confusion as well. Kanhaiya will participate in dandiya competition along with his five partners. There will be a huge pandal where the competition will be held. The confusion of partners will lead to loads of drama and the viewers will be left in splits.
All we can see is lots of trouble, chaos and confusion for Kanhaiya and it’ll be interesting to see him tackling these problems.

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