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Shikha Singh’s waist story on Comedy Dangal

Anu Malik has been an all-round entertainer on &TV’s Comedy Dangal with his witty comments, quirky shayaris, sweet and sour nok-jhok with his co-judge Bharti Singh and his ability to spontaneously compose songs on the contestants’ performance.
He is indeed one man with many talents! Audiences are appreciating Anu Malik in this new avatar as the judge of the comedy show produced by Optimystix. His on-the-spot song composition is winning him many fans from contestants to celebrity guests. One such composition which has spread like wildfire and is already viral is the ‘Aag laga de’ which was dedicated to Shikha Singh. With this song, Anu Malik has found his own little fan in Shikha Singh’s little niece.
A source close to set revealed, “Anu Malik’s composition on Shikha’s waist is quite a hit on our set as well, often the entire cast is heard humming this tune. Recently, while we were shooting, Shikha shared a very interesting incident where before starting the shoot she told Anuji that his ‘Shikha Apni Kamar Hila De, Aag laga de’ has become an anthem for her family. She also shared that on weekend her niece called her and was continuously singing this song. Because of this song her niece has become a huge fan of Anu.”

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