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Shiuli’s family plans to marry her off in Zee Bangla’s Rangiye Diye Jao

Gear up to watch full on dramatic sequences in the coming episodes of Zee Bangla’s Rangiye Diye Jao!

Loyal viewers of the soap would know that Shiuli (Tumpa Ghosh) went to the jungle all alone and that too in the night in order to save Bablu (Jeetu Kamal). Now we hear that this step of hers would result into something which Shiuli would not like.

According to a source, in the coming episode, Shiuli’s family would not like the fact that she went to the jungle alone. So, her worried family will decide to marry her off.

And guess what? Shukanto Choudhury along with his son Vikram will pay a visit to Shiuli’s house. They pretend to be good human beings but in reality behind that fair mask lay the evil face.

When Shiuli will realize their purpose of the visit, she will take Vikram to the puja of Bonbibi and there after getting intoxicated she will start doing crazy things. Seeing all her actions, Vikram will inform her family. What will happen now? Will Shiuli be able to get rid of the father son duo? Or more trouble is waiting for her? Only time will tell.

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