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STAR has the guts to take risk: Iqbal Khan

He is television’s highly respected actor, yet he is intermittently seen on our TV screens. But, we are sure once back, his charms are enough to get the viewers drooling whenever he comes back in a full fledged role. Iqbal Khan will be seen in a prominent cameo in Star Bharat’s Kaal Bhairav Rahasya.
The Kashmiri lad, who made his TV debut with Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai has aged just like wine! In an exclusive conversation with , Iqbal gets candid about his life, his new show and much more!
The first thing that pops in one’s head is when the 36 year old actor will come back in a fully fledged role. To this Khan reverts in his typical style, “What is stopping me is an interesting show. Basically, after so long you want to do a show something you can relate to. That makes you happy once you go to work. You don’t want to crib about work. So primarily waiting for such a show.”
Iqbal will be seen in a short but very important cameo in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya which narrates the story of a Kaal Bhairav temple and the myths around it. Rahasya is an atypical show, something that hasn’t been tried on Indian TV. Point this out to Khan and he calmly replies, “This is not an experimental or offbeat show. It’s highly commercial. It is just that this show is something which is not explored yet. Amidst all these big budgeted mythological, historical shows, this series will be like a breeze.”
Experiments and risks on Indian TV are something that is rarely taken. With Saas-bahu sagas’ ruling the roost, it is dubious whether this thriller will do wonders on TV. Over the discussion Iqbal commented, “Those things are something that other channels are doing. STAR (GEC) has the guts to take risk. They have taken a lot of risks and are doing different things. Understand, to get a change you have to experiment and execute different things. I think STAR has that power.”
Iqbal who has a six year old daughter lives spending most of his time with her. A perfect family man! as he describes himself.

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