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Thapki Pyar Ki March 30, 2017 written update: Bihaan threatens Amma maayi

Bani puts a skateboard on the Prince’s way and he falls. Thapki takes Bani away and chastens her for doing it. Bani reveals to Thapki that she is parched and hungry and the ruler was eating infront of her and prodding.

Thapki feels awful for Bani and gives her a thought. Bani then puts on a show to black out and everybody comes running towards her. Thapki then approaches the sovereign to get water for her. When he does, Amma maayi stops him. Bihaan gets enraged and brings water.

They are going to make Bani drink when Amma maayi grabs away the glass. In a while the sovereign blacks out. Amma maayi races to him and makes him drink water.

Bihaan’s mom affronts her and tells how she has been separating amongst young men and young ladies.

Bihaan and Thapki figure out how to safeguard Tina. Thapki sees Monty and tries to persuade him to bode well and make Amma maayi comprehend that youngster marriage is a wrongdoing.

He doesn’t tune in. Bihaan then debilitates Amma maayi that they are not terrified any longer and won’t let their little girls be there. Amma maayi then makes them tune in to a recording by Thapki offering agree to her to get Bani wedded. It is really Shraddha’s voice.

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