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The bold and beautiful Bangla actresses laud Kangana for her bravado

Kangana Ranaut is not your plain Jane and neither she is another motormouth woman who says anything to hog the limelight. with humble beginnings in the tinsel town about 13 years from now, the fiesty Ranaut has come a long way. She has not just proved her mettle in acting time and again (she is one of the few Indian actresses to win the National award thrice), she has also displayed her unique sense of style to the world. She was earlier ridiculed for her English and the mother tongue influence in her diction and today, one sees a refined Kangana who has literally put in the effort and the money to learn the language. Whenever she speaks she puts forth her ideas and statements in such a manner that even the most tedious of critics find it difficult to negate her points! the lady who believes in calling a spade a spade has recently become the talk of the town because of her outspoken attitude and the fearlessness with which she speaks about things she believes in. He relationship rather break up with her Krrish co-star Hrithik Roshan grabbed eyeballs for the serious allegations and revelations she made about the 43 year old actor. Kangana who is 13 years younger to Hrithik slammed him and his family for all the ordeal she had to face because of him without caring two hoots about its ramifications. However, some have said that all of this is because her film Simran and it is nothing but a publicity stunt. Now, this phenomenon has not just remained a Mumbai affair, it has taken the entire country by storm especially because of the poignant points Ms Ranaut made in her fiery interviews. The Bangla film industry which is known for its liberal outlook too has opined about the entire fiasco. Some of the beautiful and bold Bong actresses spoke to length about issue. Read on…
Sonalee Chaudhuri- I am supporting Kangana because I feel if any girl goes through such an experience she should speak up and protest. I don’t know whether it’s a publicity stunt or not because what has exactly happened between them is best known to them. At the same time, I feel that a heroine would not say such things about a hero belonging to the same industry just for the sake of publicity. Whatever has happened with Kangana is really bad. And one more thing, as many are saying that she is doing this for the promotion of her film then I would say if publicity stunt can reach to this level then what next? But I don’t think it’s a publicity stunt. She is saying these things because she is hurt and I am supporting her.
Pujarini Ghosh- I think it’s very stupid to say that Kangana is doing all this for publicity. She is a talented actress and has earned National Award for her work thrice. Being an outsider myself, I know how much struggle and hard work one has to do to make a place in the industry. She is a superb actress. She has already proved her mettle so she doesn’t need such publicity for a single film. I think she is speaking the truth. I have grown up watching not Shah Rukh Khan but Hrithik and Shahid. I still remember how I used to collect photos and post cards of Hrithik. I think he is being coward to not accept the truth. Now Sussanne is supporting him which I find stupid as well. Earlier, we read that his affairs were the reasons behind the divorce and how Sussanne had asked for alimony. It is not necessary for every relationship to be successful. The relation might not have worked, what’s the harm in admitting it and moving on. And it’s very distasteful to call someone mad in order to keep the truth under wraps. I feel very bad for Kangana!
Amrita Chattopadhyay- The Hrithik – Kangana thing, is getting a tad too far! It’s better they resolve it amongst themselves. Kangana is a suuuperb actress, am a fan of her acting, and we all love Hrithik, hence it’s bad too see our favourite stars throwing dirt at each other.

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