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The horse I ride for Prithvi Vallabh recognizes me: Jitin Gulati

Mumbai: Jitin Gulati, who essays the character of Tailap King of Badami in Sony TV’s historical drama Prithvi Vallabh,is surely a very hardworking and dedicated actor.

The drama, which narrates the tale of two archival warriors, requires Jitin to ride horse. And to play his part well, the actor has watched a lot of documentaries and learnt horse-riding. Jitin had to go through a lot before he mastered the skill of horse-riding but now for him working with the horses is simply a cake walk! He has also managed to bond with his favorite horse, Pooja.

Speaking about his horse riding training period, the handsome actor explained, “Right after I was signed for my role of Tailap, I had to learn horse riding and sword fighting. We used to have horse training sessions near film city but obviously the horses were different. You also need to have a proper rapport with the particular horse on which you are riding.”

“Now I have become a pro and am friendly with my horse, Pooja. The best part about shooting with her is that she now recognizes me and before jumping on her back I have to feed her some biscuits (Parle-G) and carrots, I have to pat her four-five times and she is all ready for the shot. Another interesting fact that defines her training is that she understands the words, ‘CUT’ and ‘ACTION’. She is so well trained and performs the stunts so well. I love spending time with her on the sets. I really feel happy when animals are around.”

What do you think of Prithvi vallab?

Keep the bond alive, Jitin!

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