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TV stars on body shaming: Stop judging others

These days body-shamming on social media has become common and actresses Aneri Vajani, Nia Sharma and Sonarika Bhadoria are just some examples of how heroines are trolled for their bold pictures on social media. Our favourite telly actors talk about how one should not get bothered by such comments.
Vinayak Sinha: There is nothing wrong about posting hot pictures online. If a male actor does it, we find it hot and we compliment his body and talk about how he must be a regular at the gym diet. But, if an actress does it, we start judging her. I don’t understand why society is so biased?
Chandan Anand: I believe that as an actor our body is a temple and an asset. How you look is a big part of being an actor. Everybody has a right to expression and market their talent… in some cases it might be a toned body, which is also an achievement. I am unable to understand what gives someone the right to judge.
Shweta Basu Prasad: I think body shaming is a crime. I see a lot of people telling others what should they wear and what should they eat. I think we should just let people be how they are because it’s their body and their level of comfort. Nobody should be allowed to tell anybody what to wear and what to eat. When people get after you, this affects your level of confidence and increases your insecurities and mental health. We don’t think very highly of ourselves anymore which is wrong.
Jyotsna Chandola: It’s all about in what you feel comfortable. It’s your life and you can share whatever you want to on social media. Everybody has their own way to express their point of view. I think if you are bold enough to share that picture then you should be bold enough to accept the comments too. I can put my bikini pictures but that’s my choice. The same picture can be bold and beautiful for me and cheap for someone else. There are times when I feel bad when I read comments on my pictures, but I get over it.
Mrunal Jain: It’s an individual’s choice to put what he or she wants to in terms of pictures on social media. It’s all in the mind and individual perspective counts. Everyone has the freedom to present oneself as one wants to. There is no question of judging anyone just by the pictures. I do put my workout or even body transformation pics to keep my fans and audiences updated. It’s quite a normal and healthy approach. I do get reaction sometimes that I have made a fantastic body by using steroids. I don’t react to such comments as I know I am hundred percent vegetarian and I have worked hard on my physicality in the gym with utmost sincerity. I am well aware of the fact that my body is my temple and my strength.
What are your thoughts about body-shamming? Share your views in the comment section below.

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