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Wanted to do something big on small screen: Aditi

Mumbai:Actress Aditi Rathore, best known for playing the lead character Avni in the show “Naamkarann,” is not keen on doing films at the moment. She says she always had a desire to do something big on the small screen.

“I like TV more right now. I want to play good characters so that people remember them forever. It’s not my aim to do films. I always wanted to do something big on the small screen…play powerful characters,” Aditi shared.

She is playing one in ‘Naamkarann.’ In the current track of the Star Plus show, Avni, who fought for her family and against the bad guys, has chosen to stay away from her family for their safety and happiness.

Leaving her past behind, Avni will lead a new life as Nilanjana. Her look has also got a makeover. Her character will no longer don saris. The audience will get to see her in western outfits and a pair of spectacles.

“Her past story is over. She has stopped fighting back and has accepted things as they are. She is no longer aggressive. She tries to be happy but she is upset and misses her family,” said the ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’ actress.

“Naamkarann” is her first show in which she is playing a lead role.

“When you play a lead role and the story revolves around you, then the responsibility grows. You have to give more time and dedication to it. I try to present my character in the best way possible and in a natural way,” Aditi said.

What do you think of Naamkaran?

But daily soaps call for long working hours. Doesn’t she wish to do a reality show or a finite series?

“No, not all. We generally work for 30 or 31 days. The shift is for 12 hours or sometimes more, but we chose this,” she added.

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