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What’s in a name? – Ask TV actors with same monikers

Mumbai: If the Khans and Kapoors are ruling Bollywood, television industry’s favourites are undoubtedly the Karans — Karan Patel, Karan Wahi, Karan Tacker and more. But does it bother them to have a common first name? “No,” says Wahi. The same goes for actors like Vishal Malhotra and Palak Jain who share the same first moniker and surname with other artistes.

Wahi just finished hosting the acting talent hunt show “India’s Next Superstars”, which was co-judged by another Karan — filmmaker Karan Johar — and Rohit Shetty.

“Coincidentally, most of the Karans — Karanveer Mehra, Karan Mehra, Karan Tacker and Karanveer Bohra — are really good friends and the fact that we have kept the flag of our name flying high in the industry makes me really happy,” Wahi told IANS.

“Fortunately, I am also on good terms with Karan Johar. I don’t feel weird about sharing my name with so many of them in the industry. I am glad that there’s enough work for all of us to do,” he added.

Among actresses, it’s the name Aditi that never goes out of style.

Aditi Sharma, who made her debut with the show “Kaleerein” this year, says she is aware that there is another Aditi Sharma, who starred in the TV show “Gangaa” and a few movies.

“I have my own identity; so it’s okay. (The confusion) happens a lot, especially on Instagram. People want to tag her, but they end up tagging me,” she said.

In her case, the confusion is limited to just social media posts. But Aditi Rathore said it wasn’t her but another Aditi who was originally called for the audition of “Naamkarann”.

“This is a very interesting story. I was called to audition for ‘Naamkarann’ last year but the call was actually for another Aditi. Not knowing about this confusion, I auditioned,” said Rathore.

“A few days later they (the show’s team) showed me a video of another Aditi asking if I’m the same Aditi. I was like, ‘No, this isn’t me’. Later, I sent my images to them and then they rechecked my audition video. They really liked me. So, yes, this is how I bagged the role of Avni,” she added.

Instead of fuming, she feels glad that there are about five Aditis in the TV industry.

“Aditi means ‘Devi’; so I’m glad that our industry has five goddesses who are doing good work,” she said.

But it seems like some prefer to avoid the confusion surrounding their name. For instance, actress Additi Gupta of “Ishqbaaaz” and “Qubool Hai” fame added an extra ‘d’ to her first name.

Would actress Palak Jain, who essays the role of Anushka Reddy in “Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai”, like to follow suit to not become a victim of mistaken identity?

“I really love my name and I do not wish to add/delete any letter from it,” said Palak, who shares her name with actress Palak Jain, who played actress Avika Gor’s little sister in “Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani”.

“She is already an established actress and has done a lot of good work in the industry. It’s obvious that when ‘Palak Jain’ is mentioned, people will connect with her. But after this show (‘Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai’), I am positive that people will know that there are two Palak Jains in the industry,” added the newcomer.

Her “Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai” co-star Vishal Malhotra also shares same moniker with “Hip Hip Hurray” star Vishal Malhotra.

When asked the actor of “Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai” show about the other Vishal Malhotra, he said, “That Disney guy (referring to his work in the show ‘Disney Hour Zee TV’). In the beginning, there was a confusion but when the cricket thing (‘Mauka Mauka’ cricket commercials in which he played a Pakistani cricket fan’) came out, it gave me a different identity.

“So, it’s not like a big identity crisis. Sometimes it (the confusion) still happens, but it’s okay.”

He even joked that the other Vishal probably got invited to cut ribbons at events because of the same name.

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