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Woaah! Shaheer gets the ‘best birthday gift’ from Erica

Some romantic tales are intended to be, would it say it isn’t?

Something comparative is by all accounts the case for Shaheer Sheik and Erica Fernandes.

The two, who approached while playing the lead in Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, were said to have separated. However, similar to all mates tiff, appears like the couple has figured out how to kiss and make up.

Asking why do we say as much?

Indeed, Shaheer who commended his birthday yesterday (26 March) was showered with presents, wishes and gifts from the whole way across.

Also, think about what, it was Erica’s blessing that Shaheer asserted to be the best one.

Like a sweet accomplice, Erica got Shaheer’s family to shoot a lovely video wishing him. She grouped it and amazed the performing artist much to his pleasure.

Here checkout the video:

Aww…isn’t that truly charming?

We trust Shaheer and Erica figure out how to say farewell to their percolating ill will and have a cheerful existence ahead!

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