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Women should not be judged by the clothes they wear: Prachi Tehlan

MUMBAI: Prachi Tehlan, climbing up the ladder of success in the entertainment industry, feels that there still is the need for change in people’s mindset. The woman who portrayed the best of image in her show Ikyawan, did all what was possible to change the image of Indian brides – giving out a strong message that “The clothes don’t define our character” is what’s on her mind these days, considering the judgemental waves netizens seems to surf on.

Often facing backlash for not dressing “properly”, Prachi feels the need to fight such opinions, when it comes to being a strong-headed woman. She holds a strong point of view about how the type of clothes any woman wears cannot be a factor to measure her character.

“We live in a world, where people judge you by your clothes and not your qualities. This is extremely sad as more and more people are inclining towards this mindset. As for me, I strongly believe that women should not be judged by the clothes they wear. I wear Western and Indian both, because I find comfort in those clothes. But this doesn’t make me any less Indian than the rest of you. I know my values and culture to the core hence bringing all this into such matter doesn’t do the justice at all” said Prachi.

“Moreover, I have always believed in the saying – Never judge a book from its cover. Until and unless you know me well, you can’t pass a judgment about me. I am the heart and the soul that lives within. I am the sum of my past, my experiences, my mind, my values, and so much more,” she added.

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