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Yamini FINALLY gets her hands on the ‘NAAGMANI’ in Naagin 2!

Rocky meets with an accident, Yamini uses him…

Yamini wants the Naagmani under any circumstances and for the same, nobody matters to her, not even her son.

And this is proved in the upcoming track of Naagin 2 as instead of getting worried about Rocky, she finds out a way to get her hands on the Naagmani using him!

Rocky will soon meet with a fatal accident. Shivangi will break down seeing Rocky’s condition as her motive to harm him faded away with her coming to face with the fact that Rocky was never involved in her mother’s murder.

Yamini will insist on Rocky being brought home and will not allow him to be treated in the hospital. Everyone will be shocked to see Rocky’s condition, even Shesha! But Yamini is cunning and she will devise a plan taking advantage of the situation, where she will inform Shesha and Shivangi that he can only be saved with a Naagmani.

Shivangi will gradually be convinced and will agree to get the Naagmani from Haveli’s Shiv Mandir and will keep it on Rocky’s head to revive him.

While Rocky recovers, Yamini will tactfully get the Naagmani in her possession!

Let’s see how Shivangi manages to get the holy stone back to where it belongs.

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