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Drama galore on Zee Bangla’s Rani Rashmoni

Time to smile as we bring an update for the viewers of Zee Bangla’s Rani Rashmoni (Subrata Roy Production)!
The audience would know, how a few people are troubling Rani Rashmoni (Ditipriya Roy).
We hear, with Rakhal wanting to marry her, the problems will escalate. So, what will be shown in the coming episodes? Read to know-
Our source informs us, “Pritram will make sure that his son ties the knot with Rani but Jugalkishore will pose an impediment. To solve the confusion, Pritram will recommend to study Rani’s horoscope.”
“On the other hand, the news of Rani’s wedding will infuriate both Rakhal and Nayaratna. Together, they will agitate the villagers as well,” added the source.
Will the villagers support Rakhal and Nayaratna? And how Rani Rashmoni will react to all this?
We tried to connect with the actor for a comment but could not reach.
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