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I get to learn something new every day in Baksho Bodol: Vivek Trivedi

Vivek Trivedi, who acted in films like Sare Chuattar Ghosh Para and Kartiker Biye, made his serial debut with the soap ‘Baksho Bodol’ (Blues Production), which airs on Zee Bangla.
In the ongoing serial he is playing a comic role, who wears dhoti.
Vivek said that the role is quite challenging to play.
“I have played glamorous roles before and this one is completely different from what I have done earlier. My get up is different and my character sometimes requires me to speak a few Bengali words of ancient times. My homework has doubled. Even after pack up, I keep thinking that how I am going to enact the scene the next day. It’s a challenge but also interesting to play such a role. Actually, while playing this character I am getting to learn something new every day,” said the actor.
When asked what made him say yes to the role, he said, “We all know, when it comes to serials, Blues is one of the biggest production houses in Kolkata. So, when I got the offer, I thought, I shouldn’t let go off this opportunity. Moreover, like films, serials are also popular these days.”
So, now if he gets a film offer will he act in it? Replied the actor, “I don’t think it will be possible to do a film now. With the serial running for seven days a week, I will be left with very little time to concentrate on anything else. Right now, my only focus is ‘Baksho Bodol’.”

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