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It’s Haneet vs Priyank and Siddharth on Splitsvilla X!

The game is finally on as the ideal matches on MTV Splitsvilla X will square off against each other in a fight to stay in the villa!
The next episode on Splitsvilla X will see the ideal matches – Priyank-Nibedita, Siddharth-Akshata and Haneet-Alisha challenge each other in a task to save their friends Baseer, Ripu and Maddy for being eliminated. While the boys will be tied together by their ankles, the girls will have to finish a puzzle in a given time span.
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Speaking about the task, a source from the sets shared, “Priyank and Siddharth had a clear strategy to not let Haneet win. They paired up to help each other’s partners to finish the task the earliest. But, Haneet too gave a tough fight and used Siddharth’s weakness to his advantage.”
Will Haneet be able to take on both Priyank and Siddharth?

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