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Jiji Maa’s Tanvi Dogra’s real connection with her character will make your heart heavy

Star Bharat is soon going to launch a new show with an innovative concept titled Jiji Maa. The daily will see Tanvi Dogra playing the leading lady. Previously, the Chandigarh based girl has been part of a few TV shows but this Jay Mehta Productions has made her the poster girl.
In a heart-to-heart exclusive conversation with , the protagonist of the programme revealed something which will make your heart heavy.
Tanvi’s character, Falguni, is an orphanage, who takes care of her little sister. Interestingly, Tanvi has an intimate chord connected with her character.
Tanvi shared, “I can connect with the character very well. Just like Falguni, I have a younger brother. Since we lost our mother, I have taken care of him. So while shooting some sequences, I could actually feel the emotions, some scenes actually remind me of those days. So many times I don’t even have to act!”
Interestingly, the actress, who has been part of TV shows like Meri Sasu Maa, was supposed to audition for Niyati (the younger sister)’s character. “I met the Creative Head, before giving my audition to know about her character and he insisted that I give the audition for the elder sister, instead of the younger one.”
Tanvi is taking care of her younger brother as well as heading strong in her career…it’s really commendable!
Jiji Maa is a story of two sisters and their bond. It will air from 9 October.
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