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‘Magic competition’ drama in Zee Bangla’s Bhanumatir Khel

Kolkata, 02 February 2018: Gear up to watch some ‘magical’ drama in the upcoming episodes of Zee Bangla’s Bhanumatir Khel!

Loyal audience of the show would be aware that Mahendra Sarkar had decided to organize a competition among Maya (Debaparna Chakraborty), Mohini and Megh (Rubel Das) in order to find out who the skilled magician is.

Now according to our source, in the coming episode, Meghraj will head to Santipur to learn a new magic from Bhanu (Shreyosree Roy). There Bhanu will teach him the same magic which he had been eagerly trying to learn since a long time.

After learning the trick, he will be ready to face the competition.

Now guess what? Well, at the competition, Mahendra will be surprised to see the magic showcased by Meghraj.

Ask why? It is because the magic which Meghraj learnt from Bhanu and performed at the competition is actually of Mahendra’s guru Haniman’s.

So, what new chapter will this incident open?

We tried to connect with the actors for a comment but could not reach.

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