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Wedding drama in Zee Bangla’s Bokul Kotha

Mumbai, 02 February 2018: Time to smile as we bring an update for the viewers of Bokul Kotha!

Loyal viewers of this Zee Bangla daily would be aware of Barsha’s plans of not getting married with Rishi. Now read on to know what the upcoming episode has in store for you-

A source shared that in the coming episode, Bokul (Ushashi)’s efforts to bring Barsha back to home for the wedding will yield no result.

And then by a turn of event, an interesting thing will come to light. The thing that will come to notice is that Rishi’s horoscope had actually matched with Bokul and not Barsha.

Interesting drama, isn’t it?

Next, to get rid of the threats and risks of his life, Rishi will have to tie the knot with Bokul at the same muhurat when he was supposed to get married with Barsha.

OMG! What will happen now? Will Rishi accept Bokul as his wife? This is going to be an interesting watch for the audience. Keep visiting this space for more updates.

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